Announcement – Omar Odeh Solo Exhibition April 22 / 2017 – اعلان معرض الفنان العراقي عمر عودة القادم في تورنتو

Announcement – Omar Odeh Solo Exhibition April 22 / 2017 – اعلان معرض الفنان العراقي عمر عودة القادم في تورنتو

The Iraqi artist Omar Odeh will be launching his new solo exhibition “Purple Dream” on  Saturday April  22nd at Areej Art Gallery in Toronto. It is an open invitation. the Gallery address is Areej Gallery

About the Exhibition : As a painter, I create images inspired by my subconscious, as well as the tumultuous emotions that are often present in my life. The work is spontaneous. I consider it to be a reaction to the world I am trying to make sense of. I am a refugee and my work has no choice but to reflect my journey and experiences, echoing and replying to the times of my life spent in Iraq, Syria and now Canada. The environments have changed, as have my paintings, documenting my response to that change. Rarely feeling freedom or certainty marks my work and informs my choices, as does the sense of displacement and impermanence I feel. The bright colors, the incongruous objects, the complex layering: they are a response to all I have experienced and have become.



About Omar

Omar Odeh received a B.A in Fine Arts, from the University of Baghdad in 1998. He is a member of Iraqi Painters Social Society. Mr. Odeh’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries in the Middle East including Al-Rua’s Art Gallery, The Arab Cultural Center, UNHCR and the French Cultural Center in Damascus in 2007/8. The Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus also acquired a collection of his paintings in 2008. His first solo exhibition entitled “Out of Iraq: Into Exile” was shown at Illuminated Metropolis Gallery in New York City in 2012. He also exhibited in the U.S. at New Theme Gallery in Los Angeles in 2012, as well as several other smaller group exhibitions. He has also participated in different gallery shows in Toronto since he came to Canada in 2012. PURPLE DREAMS is Mr. Odeh’s first solo exhibition in Canada.

يستعد الفنان التشكيلي عمر عود ة لاطلاق معرضه الفردي الجديد باسم حلم بنفسجي في الثاني والعشرين من الشهر الجاري على صالة معرض اريج في تورنتو
لكل متذوقي الفن الجميل, الدعودة عامة


Gallery Address / عنوان صالة اريج