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We are a not for profit, social and cultural organization, concerned about the affairs of
the Iraqi community in Canada.

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about us

We are a not for profit, social and cultural organization, concerned about the affairs of the Iraqi community in Canada.

The organization was established in order to consolidate the bonds of mutual cooperation, assistance and fraternity among members of the Iraqi community residing in Canada. It aims to help the Iraqi Canadian community to secure proper residence and working conditions; and to foster the highest standards of education which will help develop their scientific knowledge, technical skills, art and sports and other abilities; and to maintain continuity of our ancient Iraqi history, traditions, and culture.


The Iraqi Festival of Toronto

We believe culture is the best way to express identity and prove existence, therefore, we established The Iraqi Festival of Toronto to be a platform in which cultural traditions and practices are transmitted through performances and exhibitions. It promotes intercultural understanding and showcase our rich and diverse culture. Further, it is an opportunity for nurturing Iraqi musician and artists and provide avenue to introduce them to Canadian nation. Moreover, the festival is dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally through music, films, plays, art exhibitions, as well as discussion panels.

The Iraqi Festival of Toronto aims to:

  • Contribute to the Canadian Cultural Mosaic.
  • Mainstreaming of culture in development, and Increase awareness on importance of culture in development
  • Visibility of our community cultures through music and art.
  • Enhanced collaboration mechanisms between the local Iraqi artist in Canada and abroad.
  • Enhanced participation of the Iraqi community in Canada in cultural activities.
  • Increase partnerships and collaborations between our community members
  • Investment in Culture.

The Iraqi Pavilion Carassauga

We take the pride to be the only registered Iraqi community organization to represent Iraq annually in Carassauga Festival, an incorporated non-profit volunteer community organization celebrating multiculturalism since 1986. Recognized as Canada’s largest multicultural Festival, Carassauga’s vision is to organize a city-wide family friendly multicultural festival suitable for all ages to promote understanding, respect, and co-operation among all Canadians of different heritage.

Come and discover the beautiful cultures from the North to the South of this country. Taste the delicious Iraqi cuisine, join us and learn our dances, have a look at our various art works and Iraqi costumes! It is going to be an exciting experience.

Our Iraqi Artists

Trusted by government funding and non-for-profit agencies

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Trusted by our sponsors

Our sponsors are our core strength, with out their support we couldn’t achieve our vision. Thank you for trusting us.

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