we help

The Iraqi Canadian society was founded to help the Iraqi community who live in Ontario. help can take different ways.

  • We assist newcomers by guiding them and introducing them to housing resources in their area.
  • We assist young people to find jobs through our connections and network of employers and job agencies.
  • We help our Iraqi younger generation to know and understand the real values of their Iraqi background and how to use the profound Iraqi heritage to enrich Canadian diversity through our various cultural events and activities.

We Care

The key objective of all our activities is to promote multiculturalism and diversity within the Iraqi community, renew the community’s sense of belonging and citizenship to Canada and foster appreciation of the core values of freedom and democracy. we believe that it is important to demonstrate the rich background and history of the Iraqi tradition to Canadian society. the Iraqi Canadian Society strives towards bringing together diverse Iraqi communities of all backgrounds and beliefs.

We build a community

Our strategy for building the community takes the following steps:

  • Strengthen the bonds between various ethnic groups within the community
  • Remind Iraqi Canadians of their role in Canada and the opportunity they earned for sustainable education, employment, and business start-up
  • Engage various organizations to promote collaborative work and open the door for planning mutual events in the future
  • Welcome members of non-Iraqi communities to join and learn about the Iraqi heritage and history
  • Allow the younger Iraqi generation in the community and those who were born in Canada to learn about their national heritage and identity
  • Offer a great opportunity for entertainment and social engagement to all, during our activities.